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Last sail of the season

Posted by on August 15, 2012
Shipwreck - Road Bay, Anguilla

Shipwreck – Road Bay, Anguilla

Porto Cupecoy pool, St. Maarten

Porto Cupecoy pool, St. Maarten

Phew, well, we’ve managed to escape St.Maarten, the Blackpool of the Caribbean. Think stretch Hummers and sleazy strip clubs. From a cruisers point of view the crime rate is high and we have had to be extra vigilant about where we leave our dingy and have been loathe to leave the yacht empty. This wasn’t an issue in the gated and guarded marina but out on the lagoon we heard many a horror story of dingies stolen and used to sail to the yacht to empty it. According to the guide books, making the island duty free has ‘saved’ it…we’re not so sure. Luckily, our marina, by it’s remoteness, kept us spared from the worst of the place and we enjoyed the lovely pool there and a cafe that served the best almond croissants I’ve ever had.

Nice beach - Road Bay, Anguilla

Nice beach – Road Bay, Anguilla

Anguilla in comparison is a slice of heaven and only a couple of hours sail away. We’ve spent a deliciously lazy day swimming and beach-combing with the most taxing job being to scrape off the barnacles that have collected on the bottom of Magic Badger’s hull over the last 3 months. Hardly an effort when you consider the crystal clear turquoise water that we’re anchored in. Even clearing in was a pleasure with the most cheerful and friendly immigration officer we’ve ever met.

As my bump blooms and my due date draws closer we have had to make some decisions about what to do with Magic Badger. If only the Atlantic weren’t so big and dangerous… Our options were to wait until hurricane season is over, equip her with some serious blue water safety stuff and sail her over the Atlantic, or, ship her back on a ‘boat ferry’, which would cost a whopping $18,000 USD or sell her in the Caribbean. We feel that selling her is the best option with a baby on the way, despite feeling sad about doing so. She has served us so well, been our home and method of travel for the last year and we’ve had some fabulous adventures in the process. We have found a broker and she is now advertised on Yacht World.

Jamie makes a new last

Jamie makes a new painter…at last

Now we have just a couple of weeks left of to sail her in before we have to return, reluctantly, to St.Maarten. Our insurance policy dictates that due to hurricane season we have to haul out of the water, bury Magic Badger in a hole and remove her mast. We have booked a ‘hole’ in a yard and are hoping for just a couple of weeks of hurricane free weather to enjoy our last days island hopping. We’re in Anguilla for another day and then plan to sail south east to St.Barts. We shall keep you posted!



Magic Badger for sale

Magic Badger for sale





Fancy your own Caribbean adventure?–Usa-381-2670102/St.-Maarten-St.-Martin#.Uv8s1fl_swA


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